An In-Depth Look At The OxygenOS OnePlus 9R Performance


As one of the latest smartphone handsets from Oxygen, the OnePlus 9R was recently introduced in the market and is already causing a lot of excitement amongst the phone lovers. Its big features and many innovative technology applications have made it a hot favourite with the users. To know more about this wonderful phone, we have come up with a list of things that you need to know about this remarkable device.

Design: One of the biggest selling points of this phone is its attractive design. In terms of size and design, the OnePlus 9R comes almost on the same lines as the OnePlus 8T; however, the 9R has a bit bigger battery and larger keypad for greater comfort and ease of use. The 9R, also, feels a bit big and heavy, however, build quality is quite solid despite the metal back. The phone offers a very nice curve on the sides that add to the looks. The camera and sensor housing are placed under the bezels which help to give the phone a slim and sleek look.

Storage: The oneplus 9r comes with a very spacious memory space and comes loaded with plenty of storage capacity to store all your desired media and apps. It offers two different variants in terms of storage like microSD and contract memory. The microSD card can be inserted in any compatible mobile phone and can be used for all the ordinary uses like texting and downloading songs. On the other hand, the contract memory helps you to store all your important information and data. Both the variants support smooth performance and ensure smooth functioning. OnePlus 9R

Battery: The oneplus 9r performance comes with a huge battery which lasts up to ten hours. It has an advanced lithium ion technology to power the battery life. Compared to other mobiles like the iPhone and Nokia phones, this handset offers better performance in the battery department. The phone offers four or five hours of talk time on a single charge and helps you to save a lot of time. The headphone jack is also present which allows you to connect to your music player while you are away from the phone. The USB charging cable is also present for charging the battery.

Quick Charge: A unique characteristic of this handset is that it can get quick charge in just about 15 minutes of charging. This one great feature of the handset proves to be really helpful in the times of sudden power cut. You do not have to wait for the complete battery life. The rapid charging also helps in increasing the longevity of the battery life. The phone comes with a unique 120 hz refresh rate which enables fast and smooth browsing on the web.

Long Lasting Camera Performance: One of the best features of the smartphone is undoubtedly its camera performance. The OnePlus 9R has got the ability to take clear and quality pictures. The images are displayed in full resolution and are captured in the clearest manner possible. This android smartphone comes with a very good camera and the user can take excellent photographs. The best thing about this camera is that it can be activated by simply pressing the camera home key which again simplifies the complex process of switching over to different cameras.

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