Chicago – The Best Shopping Destination In USA

Chicago, the third largest city in United States, is definitely one of the emerging names in world’s best shopping destinations. Today, if one says Chicago as a new shopping paradise on planet Earth, then it won’t be wrong. While this city is classified as an alpha world city and may be slightly small in size in comparison to other cities, there is no doubt that this city rank high in shopping charts and living standards. Form fashionable boutiques, department stores and outlet malls this city named Chicago offers a wide variety of shopping experiences.

The primary shopping area in the city is Michigan Avenue. Surrounded with world-class and scaling tree-lined streets and dazzling architectural portico, it is an ideal place to spend your day. Known for its splendid shopping malls, this venue offers a lively array of stores, shops spanning six levels, restaurants, Banana Republic and Chicago’s department store. Women who are just searching for fashionable and vibrant accessories then this could be the next place to soar your desire and shop till you get tired.

Now just if you are crazy about fashion and like to dress-up yourself with modern garments and unique jewelry then don’t forget to step in Oak Street. This is really one of the busy shopping destinations in the nation. Offering brand and luxury collection of apparel and accessories for every age group, here you can easily find some of the most famous shops that also feature some excellent collections from world’s top fashion designer. It doesn’t matter which age group belong, Oak Street has exciting collection of jewelry and apparel stores. 레플리카쇼핑몰

Wait a minute, just in case if you are thinking of dropping your shopping bags then wake up. Lincoln Park is waiting for you. It takes 5 to 10 minutes from Michigan Avenue hotels to reach Lincoln Park shopping area. This mini shopping world within a world consists of two primary blocks Armitage and Halsted Streets. Known for its magnificent stores, boutiques and day spas, this venue is like a gem in Chicago. Here you’ can find huge selection of denim, as well as accessories like bracelets, earrings, belts, heels from established designers including C&C California, Chip & Pepper, James Cured, Marc Jacobs and Earnest Sewn. You shopping in Chicago is just incomplete without visiting this place.

Just south of the Chicago River, State Street is a next high lively shopping destination that has the best combination of the past and present. Having old-fashioned street lamps and architecture, with novel and excellently designed retail establishments, this avenue has lot to offer.

Now if You’re looking for something that is out of the ordinary, then Buck town-Wicker Park is just waiting for you. Famous as retail hub of Chicago, this shopping avenue has independent shops and boutiques. These boutiques offer established designers’ handcrafted jewelry, rare art and antiques. The best part of this shopping avenue is the retail stores located here offer a matchless rank of service that can be rarely found anywhere else in this world.

So if you are a new to this shopping paradise or planning to visit this shopping paradise, you are at right place which really helps save you money and time and giving you hassle free shopping experiences with top class personalized guest services at affordable prices in all Chicago hotels.

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