Curing Wrapping Tape – Process and Properties

There are certain narrow fabrics that are exclusively used for industrial applications. Curing wrapping tape is one such narrow fabric which is widely used for vulcanization and for making rubber products like hose pipes etc. It is also used in many other industries such as aerospace, cargo, industrial safety, home furnishings, automotive and lots of other industries.

Manufacturing of Curing Wrapping Tapes

Curing wrapping tapes are made from high tensile long threads of nylon 66 with the help of high-speed weaving. The weaving techniques adopted for making these tapes provide them with high tenacity and efficiency. Most of the manufacturers who produce quality tapes conform to the latest technologies and use various types of machines and tools. In fact, the manufacturing of these tapes include almost all those steps that are followed while making any other type of fabric right from designing to finishing.


Equipment for Making Curing Wrapping Tapes

Curing Wrapping Tape, in its essence, is a fabric which is woven with the help of weaving looms. The looms that are used for weaving these tapes include shuttle looms, jacquard loom, needle loom or shuttleless loom etc. In fact, many narrow fabrics manufacturers make even customized tapes with patterns that are required by their clients. Braiding, dyeing, finishing, strap cutting, sonic welding and sewn webbing assemblies are all done to make a high quality curing wrapping tape. custom masking tape

Tests for Quality Assurance

Cure tapes are used for highly efficient products that need a very high level of safety and durability. As such, they are tested in well equipped laboratories to ensure optimum performances in any condition. Some of these tests include static load tensile test, interior materials flammability test, vertical flame resistance test, heat resistance test, abrasion resistance test, shrinkage resistance test, and elongation test among others.

Properties to be Considered while Buying Curing Wrapping Tapes

Curing wrapping tapes are mainly used for vulcanization to give flexibility and strength to the rubber products like hoses and pipes which in turn have to meet the specifications of a given application. The quality of a curing tape determines how well the end product will turn out. Therefore, one should always ensure the basic properties of these tapes before buying them. The advanced properties that are additionally provided by the manufacturers can be considered according to one’s requirement and budget allowance. Most of the cure tapes have the following properties:

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