Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options


Erectile dysfunction treatment is available in many forms, from medications to surgery. Some alternative treatments can help to solve the problem. The most common of these is medical management, in which the doctor will prescribe common medications. While these drugs may provide temporary relief, they also have side effects. However, before you find solutions, you should look for erectile dysfunction treatment costs in Dubai.

Kegel exercises:

If you’re considering alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction, you may also want to consult a physician. They will do a full physical exam and evaluate your medical history. Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may prescribe a combination of alternative treatments. For example, kegel exercises may help treat erectile dysfunction.

Change in lifestyle:

The most effective erectile dysfunction treatment options involve lifestyle change. These changes should include proper diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. These changes can increase the effectiveness of prescription medications. Newer treatments for erectile dysfunction include prescription drugs with few side effects. They may be used to treat the condition without undergoing surgery.

Shockwave therapy:

Another newer method of treating ED is shockwave therapy. This procedure delivers shockwaves to the penis, improving the erectile tissues and the length and sensation of erections. It can be used in some cases for mild to moderate ED in men without successful results from medications. In addition, shockwave therapy can be used for patients who are partial responders to medications. However, it is still experimental, and you should consult a doctor before undergoing this treatment.

There are several physical causes of ED. Medications can cause high blood pressure or other conditions and certain diseases. Alcohol and prescription drugs can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. In addition, certain hormones can cause impotence. For some men, strained relationships can also affect erectile function.

Penile implant surgery:

Another option for treating erectile dysfunction is penile implant surgery. This procedure is not recommended for men with atherosclerosis, which causes arteries to harden. It can also cause permanent damage to the lining of the penile blood vessels. It takes about two hours to complete and can be done in an outpatient setting.

ED treatments should start with an evaluation by your primary care physician. Your doctor will want to see your problem’s cause and overall health. They may prescribe medications, surgery, or lifestyle changes.