Who Is Eligible For A Greece Golden Visa? A Few Things You Need To Know

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Who Is Eligible For A Greece Golden Visa? A Few Things You Need To Know


If you want to live in Greece, you can invest in a Greece golden visa. But before you apply for the visa, you need to know a few things first. Investing a certain amount of money to obtain a visa is necessary. If you want to know more about the investment threshold, read on.

Getting a Greece golden visa:

There are several ways to get a Greece golden visa. The first is through investing in real estate. Unlike other countries, Greece allows foreign investors to buy a property and obtain a residency permit without physically visiting the country. Investors can purchase property online and apply for residence permits online. Once they buy the property, they do not have to move to Greece, but they must have their fingerprints taken within a year. Then they can use their Greece residency permit to move to other EU countries.

Benefits of a Greece golden visa:

For individuals planning to purchase property in Greece, the golden visa may be a good investment. However, it does not provide access to employment, board member salaries, or CEO salaries in the country. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the time frame for acquiring property in Greece has become longer. Therefore, hiring a professional who can guide you through the entire process is better.

A Greece golden visa allows applicants to bring their spouse or children under the age of 21 to the country. In addition, it provides extended family benefits that compensate the parents and in-laws of the principal applicant. Furthermore, the program requires the lowest investment amount in the EU, which makes it a great investment for anyone who wants to build a better future in Greece.

Investment requirements:

The Greece government has allowed foreigners to gain residency by investing in property. The investment program offers several benefits to investors, including permanent residence permits and visa-free access to the European Union. It also offers opportunities for investor to relocate their family to Greece. The investors can also enjoy the advantages of a double taxation treaty and the right to rent the property and gain back the money invested. In the future, the government plans to raise the investment requirements to EUR500, 000.