How to Choose a Best Motherboard

When you face a vast array of motherboards in the market, you would probably be confused which on earth is the best for you to build the computer. Since motherboard is a part so important that finally all system’s components connect back to it, if you choose an inappropriate one, your computer may come to problems later on. When you buy a motherboard, best motherboard for 10850k you have to attach importance to its brand, quality and specifications. A good brand means a high-quality product and an excellent service. Currently, there is a plurality of well-known motherboard brands such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI in the market that each could be the first choice when purchasing one lest some unexpected problems occur and affect your normal life.

When you have decided which make you will buy, you still need to read on and learn about several factors to consider. One is the chipset on the board, which decides the main technical specifications of a motherboard. For example, quality motherboard often use the chipsets like 975X, 975P offered by Intel Corp, or chipsets like C51G, nForce4 SLI/SLI X16 supplied by NVIDIA Corp. Two, choose the appropriate type of CPU to support your motherboard. There are mainly two kinds of motherboard, one is the Intel series and the other is the AMD series.

If you only deal with some daily files and surf the net, and would not let your computer often run in a high speed, you can choose an AMD motherboard and match a good-price AMD CPU; on the contrary, you can consider an Intel Motherboard with an Intel CPU. Three, the number and type of expansion slots and connectors on the motherboard Currently you’d better choose a motherboard designed to specifically support DDR2 memory and dual channel memory, additionally it should at least have 4 expansion slots.

Four, the type of USB ports – It’s best that the motherboard have both ATA/100 and S-ATA ports so you can choose one of them conveniently and expand your hard disk. Five, are there sound card and network card integrated onto your motherboard? If you are not so critical of the sound quality, it’s best to choose a motherboard with built-in sound card and network card so you can simplify the process of computer installation. Six, does the motherboard support the RAID? The RAID is currently mainly used in servers to improve the reliability of data, so if you are demanding on the data security, you can choose a motherboard that has this feature.

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