The Final Chapter 


On the 25th – 26th of February, we have an incredibly amazing New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 8° in Pisces.  pisces zodiac sign


This Solar Eclipse and New Moon are incredibly intense – Why that? 


Most importantly, Eclipses are incredible because they conjunct one of the Nodes of Fate. This Solar Eclipse in Pisces is intently conjunct the South Node of the Moon, the mark of Karma – all that we ought to, yet can’t – abandon. 


Then, at that point, the leader of this New Moon, Neptune, is conjunct the New Moon/Solar Eclipse! This is critical – it resembles having an Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Pluto or an Eclipse in Aquarius conjunct Uranus. At the point when Eclipse conjuncts its ruler, everything “shouts” the energy of that specific sign, for our situation, Pisces. We essentially have Sun, Moon, South Node and Neptune, all conjunct for the “last venture” in a progression of Virgo-Pisces eclipses that started in March 2015 and finishes now. 


We likewise have Mercury and Chiron in Pisces aside from the fourfold combination (Sun, Moon, South Node and Pisces). With six planets in Pisces, we will all suffocate into the Piscean energy without limit. The South Node is at the midpoint of the New Moon, and Mercury –sometimes said would fetch new pieces of knowledge from “wisdom of the ocean” – of our psyche, of the spirit of the universe. 


Likely the most extreme viewpoint in the Pisces New Moon graph is Mars conjoining Uranus in Aries in resistance with Jupiter in Libra. This detonating angle isn’t straightforwardly associated with the Solar Eclipse itself, yet we will, all things considered, feel it unequivocally. 


If the Solar Eclipse in Pisces is the profound sea where we can suffocate yet, in addition, acquire significant bits of knowledge about what our identity is, Mars conjunct Uranus and inverse Jupiter is lightning lighting fire. It will be perceived how water and fire will “play together” – forceful feelings, practically crazy, can be communicated and delivered during this EclipseEclipse. Those of us with a ton of water in our graph will feel like a clairvoyant wipe. 


Individuals with planets or points at 8° (particularly Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in Pisces, yet in addition in the other variable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) will feel the Neptunian – South Node vibe, and the instantaneousness of the New Moon. Stifled sentiments will come up to the surface, to be recognized and mended. 


Individuals with planets and points around 22° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will feel a solid drive to ACT and begin something new in the part of their life (houses) where they have the travels. 


If you have planets both around 8° in Mutable signs and around 22° in Cardinal signs, this Lunar Eclipse will be very groundbreaking for you. 


The message of this New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces is: Only by relinquishing old ways we can make the truly necessary space for new things in our lives. We are currently asked to at last drop what isn’t working any longer. Release it. Experiences and messages on what precisely we need to give up off may come to us through dreams and instinct – focus on whatever idea, feeling, or sign comes to you. 


The last EclipseEclipse on the Virgo-Pisces pivot ties in with trying for some degree of reconciliation with our past, assuming liability for our life, getting genuine and living with good judgment. 


Plunge into the obscure; Pisces will engage you with passionate insight and the intelligence you need to accept the new region. 


Keep in mind, Pisces is the last indication of the zodiac, containing a tad of every one of the signs that go before him. He has seen everything, done everything. Be bold as you leave upon the new period of your life that is going to begin. 


The main thing that Pisces and Neptune can show us is to acknowledge that we are sufficient and we can’t do anything for other people – the solitary thing that is truly an option for us is to deal with ourselves. Love yourself, become the absolute best form of yourself – and like this, you will enable others to cherish themselves as well.


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