Prostate Specific Antigen – What Is It And Should You Care?

If you are curious about the prostate specific antigen test and what’s true and what’s false about its actual importance, then this article will hopefully shed some light on the situation for you.

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Prostate specific antigen is a protein produced by your prostate gland cells.

And the reason this is important for men to know about is because, in men with prostate problems (including prostate cancer) it tends to be elevated. This is not always the case, however. But in many cases, if a man has prostate problems, he will have higher levels of PSA in his blood stream than men who don’t have anything wrong with their prostate.

Is it important to know about? BFARM 

Yes, a man should be aware of his PSA numbers.

The danger comes when he (or his doctor) rely on those number as definite proof of the presence or absence of a disease or prostate problem.

Frightening as it sounds, men have had major prostate surgery (where the gland was completely removed) based just on the high PSA numbers! This is becoming less and less common today, however, as more is learned about this topic.

In some ways, the numbers are worthless, quite frankly.

And, the PSA test is simply not that reliable of an indicator (and certainly not reliable enough for someone to go and get any kind of major surgery based on the numbers).

This is a hot topic in mens health experts right now.

And that is one reason why it is important every man understand what prostate specific antigen means.

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