What to Consider When Choosing Video Games Consoles

Deciding Which Console is Most Suitable

Before going out to purchase a video games console, a bit of research should be done. This is because videogames consoles aren’t inexpensive purchases, so you should know what you are getting as a consumer. Things which you may want to consider are:

1. Cost

2. Type of games one prefers

3. Age of recipient, if purchasing as a gift

4. How many players does the console support

5. Primary purchase reason- family/personal fun

What Kind of Games is Available?

When buying a video games console, price is important- however, the kind of games the owner prefers is more relevant. If you choose to purchase a console precisely because of what it costs, you may lose money in the end. Of the three major video game consoles, each caters to a different audience. While two major games – Xbox and PlayStation- cater to an older crowd, the Wii is more family-oriented. Microsoft Xbox 360 is a teen to adult-based game that carries many of the same games that Sony’s Play Station carries. However, there are some subtle, or not so subtle (depending on who you’re asking), differences. The Xbox carries teenage to adult games, though some titles may be rated “E” for everybody. Play Station is the same – geared towards teenage to adult gamers, with some titles for younger players. Many titles on these systems carry an “M” rating for mature. These systems are very popular, meaning there are quite a few mature gamers out there willing to pay upwards of USD200 for a console and an average of USD60 for a game. You can, however, get used consoles and fun at certain stores – with one major electronic retailer joining in on selling pre-owned games!

Nintendo Wii, a Class of its Own

With its family-oriented system, the Nintendo Wii changed gaming as many of us knew it for years. It came to market with a motion detection controller, which put gamers right in the middle of the game like never before. The system gained a lot of ground in its first few years because of its unique playing system. Gamers can add steering wheels to make a driving experience like no other. There are also guns for hunting games, tennis rackets, and bowling balls, each for games that indulge players for hours. The only point to consider with Wii is whether you would be buying this game for a family or a younger person. This is because most Nintendo Wii’s games are family-oriented; there are a few mature titles- but once you buy them all, that’s pretty much it. Most of the newer games seen in commercials do not include Wii. However, Wii does cost considerably less, so if you are only buying a game for fun with the family, consider Wii.

Family Oriented or Personal?

All three major consoles – Nintendo Wii, Sony Play Station 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360- have multiplayer options. Wii can support four players; gamers merely need to sync their controllers to the console being played. Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 support multiplayer, though they are limited to two players on most games. When it comes to playing with others through an online connection, Wii gamers are unable to do so, and Xbox players are not able to unless they are going through a paid system called Xbox live, leaving Play Station 3 as the lone console which will allow its gamers to play online with others at home. This is a very exciting bonus to the game consoles which allow it, making this yet another thing to consider when choosing game consoles.

Fun is Most Important

All three major game consoles have their very own compelling reasons for you to purchase them. Outside of technical reasons, Nintendo Wii has Mario games, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has Halo games, and Sony’s Playstation has the Uncharted franchise. They do have one significant thing in common, though, Call of Duty. This is probably the most well-known game and continues to sell, even in its older series. Yes, there is quite a bit to consider when purchasing a gaming console, but the most important factor is that you have fun.

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