Why Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

There are many reasons why carpet cleaning is so important. But perhaps the most important reason by far has to do with health and hygiene.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that carpets harbour all manner of dirt and germs, from people walking on them with their shoes, especially if they have walked straight in from the street, and not changed into their slippers. Even the soles of slippers are not dirt and germ free.

Dirty carpets, and even some upholstered fabrics can attract dust mites, cause allergy problems, affect asthma sufferers, and even contribute to sickness and ill-health.

They are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, allergies and dust mites, if not properly cleaned regularly.

Kitchen tops, cookers, bathrooms and toilets are cleaned regularly, at least once a week, even hard floors are cleaned weekly or fortnightly as well as table tops by most people.

When it comes to carpets however most people resort to just vacuuming their carpets, which only removes the surface dust and some dirt.

Occasionally, maybe once a year they may shampoo their carpets, themselves, or hire a carpet cleaning machine complete with detergents, which can work out quite expensive, to try to do it themselves. carpet cleaning kitchener

While this does remove a lot of the dirt from their carpets, it is no substitute for a really professional carpet cleaning system which uses the hot water extraction method of cleaning.

This method using professional machinery and specialist detergents gets deep down into the carpet fibres removing harmful ground in dirt, stains and bacteria from them. It also works on rugs and most upholstered fabrics, including upholstered dining chairs.

Most people don’t realise how dirty their carpets are. Even when they think their carpets look clean, particularly when they are a dark colour, which masks most of the dirt and stains in them. Even after five or ten years they can still refuse to believe that their carpets are really dirty.

It does not matter what colour their carpets are; they still get dirty. Most ordinary cleaning methods just don’t take out enough dirt from the carpets to make a real difference.

Most good quality carpets these days cost a lot of money, a single average sized sitting room carpet can cost five hundred pounds or more to replace.A whole house or apartment with new carpets can run into thousands of pounds. With this kind of investment it is well worth spending a little money to look after them.

If carpets are not cleaned properly, over time the soil and dirt becomes ingrained into them, which has an abrasive effect on the pile, wearing it down much quicker and shortening their life. This is made even worse if stains are left untreated.



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