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Lower Your Energy Costs, Increase Humidity Levels And Breathe In Fresh Air When You Install An Evaporative Air Cooler!

An evaporative air cooler works on different mechanisms as compared to air conditioners. Unlike air conditioners, which refrigerate air, an evaporative air cooler pulls in air, cools the air through evaporation and circulates the cool air all over the area.Evaporative air coolers are not as popular as air conditioners as many people are still not aware of the great benefits they offer. The following section explores reasons for getting an evaporative cooler at your home or in a factory.

With Less Energy Used, Evaporative Air Coolers Help To Lower Your Household Energy Costs

Evaporative coolers possess low energy capacities. Thus, at only half the price of an air conditioner, an evaporative cooler uses 75 % less than an air conditioner, but has the capability to cool the same area space. In fact, most evaporative air coolers are able to cool up to 350 square feet.

According to a survey conducted in Australia, it takes only $0.04 an hour to operate an evaporative air cooler in a room, while an air conditioner will cost about $0.30 for the same duration.

Apart from that, installation fees for evaporative air coolers are also relatively cheaper. As they can be installed in an existing air duct system in your house, only a short duct is required to lead the cool air into your house. This means that it is not necessary for you to spend a lot of money to create a new air circulation system.

Rid Your Home Of Dry Air And Increase Humidity Levels keg cooler

Evaporative air cooler works by moisturizing the air, as wet pads are used to cool the air. With this, you will be glad to know that your furniture and fabrics will be kept well moisturized too. This will definitely help maintain the durability and lifespan of your furniture.

Bring In Fresh Air Into Your Home, Keeping Your Home Smelling New And Clean

In addition to cooling the air, evaporative air coolers also help in channeling fresh air into your home. With an evaporative air cooler, air circulation occurs every 2 to 3 minutes. Hot air from the house is being pushed out by cool air through evaporation. When this happens, bad odor, dust and smoke will be eliminated along with the hot air. The frequent air circulation ensures that there is a continuous supply of fresh air. The risk of bacteria being trapped air can be reduced significantly. The moisture pad, which is an integral part of the evaporative air cooler, also functions as a filter, which helps to trapped dust from entering your houses.

Refrigerant Free, Evaporative Coolers Are Truly Environmental Friendly

Love the environment as much as you love yourself. This is one good reason why it is essential to install an evaporative air cooler. Air coolers do not require refrigerants like Freon, which are detrimental to the ozone layer. Air coolers also have the potential to curb noise pollution. Most evaporative air coolers are designed to use a blower instead of an axial fan and this helps to keep the unit quiet.

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