Wicker Basket Information and Advice

We have all noticed the small to medium sized baskets that are very prevalent in many picnic sites. These are called wicker baskets and they are mostly hand-woven out of a variety of strings such as bamboo, wheat and other reeds and rashes that are mostly grass in nature. There are also baskets woven expertly out of twigs. It is hard to determined exactly where these baskets originated from but most historians are in agreement that they first appeared in Africa and the Middle East although cultures such other as the Chinese and the Mayans in the South American region of the world also hand-woven baskets of some sort. Perhaps one of the most famous stories in history involving the wicker basket is the biblical story of Moses who was placed in a basket which was then floated downstream later to be found and adapted by Pharaoh’s household. Today, Africa and the Middle East still produce quality hand-woven wicker baskets but the West has also caught up and began producing them mostly in Mexico. So what are these baskets used for? custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

One of their first uses is decorative. They are very attractive and most tourists who visit Africa, Asia and the Middle East bring them back, not to be used to carry anything but as a souvenir to show. African wicker baskets are the most popular hand-woven baskets of all and have fetched the indigenous millions of dollars in revenue. Mexico also produces attractive wicker baskets almost all of which are exported to the US. These can be hang on some walls or simply stored.

Another use of wicker baskets is to carry light items. This is mostly in picnics where a family can put sandwich bread, butter, cookies, drinks and the like. All this depends on the size of the basket off course. They are attractive and do not get in the way when one is outdoors. They also allow a of air in and therefore keep whatever is being stored fresh.

Wicker baskets are also widely used in the United States as laundry baskets. This is again because they are light and attractive. A large basket can carry a lot of clothes to and from the laundry area. This becomes especially handy for those who live some distance from the laundry room or “washaterias.”


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